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Project Description
RenameApp is a free and very simple to use renaming software for Windows. RenameApp allows you to easily rename files based on the specified criteria and order.


Feature for version 1.0
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface. Conveniently drag and drop files and folders.
  • Live preview of new filename based on the criteria set.
  • Load/Save settings
*Can rename existing files, move renamed files to a new location or copy renamed files to a new location
*Undo rename, move and copy file operations

Currently there is no documentation for the application. I would welcome anyone who would like to contribute to the documentation of the application.

Future work
*This is its first release therefore there are room for plenty of improvement in the application. Please send me comments/suggestions regarding the application and ways to improve it.

Note: I am currently focusing my efforts on Windows Phone development. Please visit my website at I very much welcome your support.

Thank you

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